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Our farm is located in SE Iowa, near the town of Fremont and we've been farming here for over 40 years. Our family consists of myself, my wife Lisa (who's been here about as long as the hogs) and our two sons, Travis and Casey. Travis and his wife Dixie have a daughter named Kenley and two sons, Andrew and Charlie. Casey and his wife Ashley have a son named Samuel.

Now that we've gotten that all straightened out, lets get to the hogs.

We began in 1976 on the farm my great uncle used to raise Chester Whites on back in the 30's. Needless to say, Chesters have remained here ever since. As time went on and the boys got more involved with 4-H and FFA, we began to add Yorks and started raising and selling show pigs. In 2012, the boys also decided to bring Spots back to the farm where they were last raised in the mid-90's. Today we're still selling breeding stock to commercial hog men and the show pig sales remain as big as we want to make it.

We spend alot of time on the road delivering breeding stock and going to shows. This is the best part of the business simply because of all the great people that we've met and now call friends. We welcome all of you to our farm. We would be glad to have you and the tour is always free.

Thanks for visiting!

-The Albertsons

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